Road to the lighthouse

Mountain road with your seductive bends, you draw me into a place of reflection,

but also of Expansion


Hollow sadness within is contrasted with

Vastness, Worldy worn,

Weary rock faces,

Cracking Edges


and I rhythmically am climbing in a trance

pedal stroke after pedal stroke

tick-tock, tick-tock

Timeless Journeying


and with every metre earned

I am regathering, gathering,

consuming the ground metre by metre into

My Self, my Soul


I am not drawn in by others passing by,

I am alone on the road

in conversation with the Earth


All Elements are here with me

in communion, Wind gusting

Silver-green grass in gentle mounds,

Hair-like pulsing, earthy heart beat


Rock face, gnarling earth

Carved by Wind and Water

Resilient, Resolved, Resounding

'I am here, Solid, Unmoveable'

.....and then reaching a summit I begin to plummet and then...

Wow!      ...Ocean


Ocean and rock, deep and blue-green

and rippling with eternity

Shades of depth and beauty,

White horses where sea and rock meet

in negotiation, exchanging their energies


Air, now she is there

for she has taken my breath away

and all at once lifted me to the heavens,

Tears of pure joy well in my eyes

and I am one with the Universe


and what of Fire, I have been wondering about you,

and then there you appear

speckled light and shade in the valley

both here in nature

as in me,

Sunshine and Shadow



I wrote this poem after riding the road to Cap de Formentor in the Spring of 2008.  I thought I would share it with you here. I hope to go back to Majorca this year, as well as exploring some other spectacular roads with RPM90 ultimate cycling tours in 2014.