Personal training

I’m lucky enough to have always loved exercise, but I recognise that not everyone feels that way. I’m not interested in battering you into shape, or squeezing those last painful drops of sweat out of you. I’m interested in getting you fitter and healthier, so that you move and feel better.

Underpinning all of my training is a ‘corrective’ approach which helps to balance your body whilst improving your functional fitness. This means addressing flexibility, core condition, and strength as a connected whole, changing those aspects that need attention, and ensuring that you are moving towards improved physical performance, and away from pain and injury. Learning correct technique is essential, and I emphasise the importance of good form in all my coaching.

This may all sound a bit serious, but I assure you your sessions will not be. I do the thinking behind your work outs so that you don’t have to. Your training will be fun, but purposeful, and I will be there to encourage and motive you along the way, but also to teach you to stay fit and healthy through leading a healthy lifestyle yourself.

Looking for a personal trainer at home?

(Bromley area - Tuesdays and Thursdays daytime)

A lot of my personal training clients come to me because they don’t want to train in a gym, but do want to learn how to move well and stay healthy and active for a lifetime. You might be nervous or lack confidence in your movement because of lack of experience or injury issues such as back pain or poor posture. After a few months working with me clients they tell me things they have noticed they can do easily all the time. Things that used to be difficult or impossible, that make them feel more capable, more confident, and more in control.

If you want to train with me at home I will ask you to buy a Swiss Ball and a simple set of spinlock dumb bells, but I will bring a variety of other equipment to your sessions to keep them varied, fun and relevant. Working in whatever space you have available (you don’t need much) we focus on ‘functional fitness’ elements that enable you to lift, carry and move objects safely, together with cardiovascular fitness, toning or balance training as relevant to your goals.

Gym based training

(Shoreditch - Monday and Wednesday from lunchtime into the evening)

If you are keen to work with me in a gym environment I can offer training at The Vault Gym, Scrutton Street, Shoreditch. The Vault is a personal training space fully equipped with all the free weight functional fitness equipment any trainer or client would need. This intimate space allows us to work together in a focussed but fun way without distraction from rows of treadmills, cross-trainers and T.V’s. Everyone in the studio is interested in moving better and improving performance, and the positive atmosphere of coaches and clients working together has a way of rubbing off on you.

If you are a more advanced mover, or are sports focussed, the equipment available to us in this gym space will allow you to progress as fast as physical adaption will allow. For my cycling clients we also have access to a Wattbike to include cycling specific training sessions and fitness testing as and when necessary.If you are already a gym go-er and want guidance on the training you will do outside of our sessions, working together in The Vault will form a foundation that will inform and enhance how you train independently in your own gym in between our sessions too.


Personal Training terms and conditions


I charge £60/hour for Personal training and expect you to commit to a regular appointment time once a week for at least three months. This helps me to manage my diary, but also helps you develop and commit to a regular exercise routine. Cancellations of sessions with less than 24 hours notice are charged at the full rate.

Exercise program design is included in this hourly rate for those seeing me weekly, ensuring that your program has some clear structure that will lead to adaption and progression. If (subsequent to your initial 3 month commitment) you choose to train more independently and see me less frequently there will be an additional charge for program design and review every 2-3 months.

All bookings are by appointment only, so please call me on 07775 881366 or e mail with your enquiry so that we can get the ball rolling.