Personal training

For a long time, I was reluctant to call myself a personal trainer, because the image that conjures up for many is not what I do at all. I don’t want to batter you into shape, and squeeze those last few painful reps out of you. But I do want to coach you to move better and build your confidence through improved fitness. I will also expect you to make time to exercise independent from me because one hour a week is not going to change your life unless it motivates you to do more for yourself. I won’t be doing the work for you, but I will help guide you to find ways and means of weaving appropriate exercise into your daily life so that you learn to love and value exercise, and find it easy to include in your week.

My approach is focussed on teaching you how to move well first and there will be a strong emphasis on movement technique from the start and throughout. With beginners, I often start by using a Swiss Ball as an essential and versatile tool for stimulating the core, improving posture, and introducing the basic primal movement patterns of Lunge, Squat, Push, Pull, Bend, Twist, and Gait. ‘Corrective exercises’ will be included based on my assessments to work on your weaknesses and bring you into optimal alignment so that you can then start to load safely.

As your movement ability progresses, so will your exercise vocabulary, and we will begin to add load with dumb bells, barbells, kettle bells, cable machines and various other weights to increase your strength. Whatever your goals, and whatever your age or gender, including some strength training is essential if you want to maintain joint health and mobility, muscular strength, bone density and a healthy metabolism. The methods we choose will be relevant to your goals and will add variety and interest to your program.

Cardio-vascular fitness and agility are important elements too, but I won’t come running with you if you can run by yourself, and your workout won’t be my workout. Your session is about you and I make sure that we cover the aspects of fitness that are more difficult for you to achieve on your own, whilst encouraging you to include those other elements independently.

In spite of all this learning our sessions will also be fun, and you might be surprised how quickly an hour seems to fly by. There is plenty of scope for individual difference in our work together, and I will find what works for you physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Home based in Bromley

Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Bromley area


If you live in the Bromley area I can come to you and train you at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You don’t need very much space to exercise, or a lot of equipment. Some of my home-based personal training clients come to me because they don’t want to train in a gym, but do want to learn how to move well and stay healthy and active for a lifetime. I will ask you to buy a Swiss ball and some spin lock dumb bells that will form the foundational tools for our program, and then I will bring various other tools to our sessions to add fun and variety.

Working at home we focus on ‘functional fitness’ elements that enable you to lift, carry and move objects safely, together with cardiovascular fitness, toning or balance training as relevant to your goals.

Gym based in Shoreditch

Mondays and Wednesdays at “The Vault” personal training space, Scrutton Street


If you work in town, or prefer to exercise in a gym environment I can train you on Mondays and Wednesdays from ‘The Vault’ personal training gym in Scrutton Street. Everyone in the gym space is working under the guidance of a trainer and the positive and relaxed atmosphere of coaches and clients working together makes for a fun environment

The gym offers us more options for strengthening and loading, with bar bells, squat rack, Olympic lifting platform, cable machines and various other more advanced training equipment. I can train anyone from beginner to advanced exerciser in this space and it can offer plenty of variety and interest.

If you are a more advanced mover, or are sports focussed, the equipment available to us in this gym space will allow you to progress as fast as physical adaption will allow. If you are already a gym go-er and want guidance on what to do in your independent gym sessions, working together in The Vault will can build a foundation that will inform and enhance how your training elsewhere.

PT terms and conditions

Because my contact hours are limited and in different locations on different days I ask clients to commit to the same day and time every week for at least 3 months. This allows you to get into a routine with your training, and also allows me to manage my diary. I expect clients to do their best to commit their time and attention to our hour together and ask for at least 24 hours notice for any cancellations.

I charge £60/hour for Personal training and exercise program design is included in this hourly rate for my regulars, ensuring that your program has some clear structure that will lead to adaption and progression.

All bookings are by appointment only, so please call me on 07775 881366 or e mail with your enquiry so that we can get the ball rolling.