“Getting a diagnosis of severe osteoporosis 3 years ago at the age of 56, was both a shock and a lifestyle wake up call. The recommended drugs gave me awful side effects, so I determined to do what I could to beat it myself. Personal training with Jo McRae is now an essential part of my fight back against this debilitating condition. She understands the balance that needs to be achieved between weight training to build my bone density without risking injury, and has worked hard to improve my overall health and fitness with a programme of cardio, flexibility and impact exercises. I’ve discovered that exercising with Jo never gets boring! And it works. Not only do I feel healthier than ever before, the extra benefit is that I look fitter too – my weight has balanced to a perfect level for me and my body is getting toned. But even better than all of that – my last dexa scan showed that my bone density is gradually improving”

You can see from the ‘home gym’ that Julia has developed in her garage the level of commitment she has to working with weights on a regular basis. Her sons have had to move their bench aside to make room for the squat rack, and I’m proud to say that Julia almost out lifts me now in most of the bar bell fundamentals. It turns out she is more of a natural athlete than she ever realised, and has taken to strength training with ease. With running now part of the plan, and the local park run in our sights for the spring, I’m confident Julia will see the best possible results over the coming years. Experience has taught me that her persistent determination (and at times a little impatience) will ensure that she goes from strength to strength both literally and metaphorically. I’m excited to be helping her tackle her health and fitness in this dynamic way and look forward to seeing her confidence improve beyond her expectations.