“I have previously tried to figure out my ‘training plans’ on my own, often with reference to what my boyfriend was doing in his training. This tended to lead to unrealistic plans and unmet goals. Working with Jo taught me to strip back my objectives and focus on what I really wanted to achieve to make sure I achieved my goals.

Jo is honest in her feedback and provides a tailored coaching service that is specific to your needs and the reality of what else is happening in life. Jo introduced strength and conditioning work into my programme which had previously been lacking. This had led to me acquire some poor techniques, so the conditioning was built up gradually to avoid injury. I’ve now graduated to having a squat rack in the garage”!

Delia is a familiar face from the London racing scene so I was intrigued to see how I could help her develop her potential. As a committed female racer working full-time with all the usual commitments that come with a relationship, a home and now a family (Sue the dog), I recognise the need for holistic, yet performance focussed coaching.

Delia loves racing but enjoys it more when she performs well and feels like she’s progressing. As a keen Cyclo-cross and road rider, fitting in proper training has often not been Delia’s strong point and important off the bike conditioning has been absent or ad hoc at best. Like many competitive women, lack of confidence in setting realistic targets were leaving her falling short of her potential. My role in working with Delia has been mostly keeping her ‘on plan’ for improved consistency in training, but giving her permission to change the plan when life gets in the way. Keeping her accountable has allowed Delia to continue racing with purpose, whilst prioritising the enjoyment that is at the heart of her cycling.