Nutrition and Lifestyle

Over the last 20 years working in health and fitness I have learnt first-hand the importance of prioritising nutrition and lifestyle essentials if you want to adapt effectively to physical training. Without doubt the biggest barrier to progress with an exercise program is poor nutrition and lifestyle habits, and no exercise program will outrun a poor diet or stressful lifestyle.

Alongside our work on your exercise program I will encourage you to better understand your dietary needs and to learn how things like sleep, rest, and stress can affect your ability to train and respond to exercise, whether your goals are rehab, functional fitness, weight loss or sports performance. Understanding the holistic way in which the body works means connecting the visceral, hormonal, mental and spiritual aspects of your health and fitness too, and I can point you to relevant resources as they become pertinent to you. 

As with my approach to exercise I have a range of tools with which I can assess the hidden stressors connected with diet and lifestyle, so that we can begin to tackle them one by one to help you move towards your goals. Making a step wise plan to focus on one or two key things at a time will help you get healthier so that you have more energy to get the most out of your exercise. Fitness is not the same as health, but when you tackle health and fitness together you will be surprised by the results.

Many of my clients are motivated to begin exercising to avoid the decline in health that is normalised in our culture as we get older. Some approach me having had some sort of medical diagnosis, such as cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, or osteoporosis. Of course I cannot advise you medically, but I can help you tackle these problems holistically, first by getting you moving safely and effectively, (working round problems where necessary) and then by empowering you to get healthier in other ways too, particularly looking at diet and lifestyle. If you don’t like to feel dependent on your doctor, or simply want to do the best you can to stay fit and well, I can help take the fear out of getting started so that you can be proactive with these increasingly common health problems. 

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching prices

If you would like to work with me in a focussed way on your nutrition and lifestyle I charge £70/hour.