Exercise Programs

If you are highly motivated and like to follow a structured training plan, I can design a conditioning program for you to follow independently either at home or in a gym. Essentially there are three stages to the process. First, I assess you physically, and we discuss what you want to achieve. Then I go away and design an appropriate program. And then finally I will teach you your exercises, and then off you go!

My conditioning programs are highly personalised, based on individual assessment and tailored to the time and space you have available to train. I do not use any ‘general’ program templates, and this tailored approach can help you resolve underlying issues that have been holding you back, as well as enabling you to develop a more robust body for better physical performance.

Your program will include elements of flexibility, core stability and strength and power, meeting your needs wherever you find yourself on that spectrum. For some people, a focussed stretching and corrective program will be enough to start with, while others will be ready for loading and strengthening as relevant for sports or performance goals.

For endurance athletes such as cyclists, runners, swimmers and triathletes, a conditioning plan can be the missing piece of the puzzle that allows you to express your performance potential. The benefits of adding conditioning work include injury prevention (or rehabilitation), improved strength and power in your sport, and improved movement efficiency. In an ideal world you would change your program quarterly – every three months – to allow for seasonal adaptions to exercise and to ensure your body doesn’t get bored and plateaux with the program. 

Conditioning package prices

A conditioning package with me, covering the assessment, program design and two coaching sessions costs £350. This price is based on £70/hour.

Leaving a gap between the two coaching sessions allows you to have a go at the first round of exercises yourself, absorb the information, and come back to me with any queries before we add the second part of the program. It usually takes a month or so to work through the process. Light e mail contact and phone call support throughout the first three months is part of the package.


Follow on programs


A follow on program is usually £210 for 3 hours (comprising 1 hour for each – reassessment, program design, and exercise coaching). Consultations/reviews are based on £70/hour. A follow up assessment/review at the end of the first three month program will allow us to assess how you are progressing. At the very least this will help us decide on a maintenance program for the longer term, or you may choose for me to design a new program to progress you further.