For Cyclists

While conditioning remains my specialty, in recent years I have developed a way of working with cyclists that integrates this expertise with sport specific coaching as well as bike fitting. With the publication of my book “Ride Strong – Essential conditioning for Cyclists” I have also developed a range of talks and workshops that supplement the information in the book to spread the word about the benefits of conditioning cyclists off the bike. This allows me to share my 20+ years of experience working in sport and fitness together with the knowledge I have of cycling from the ‘inside’, through racing, riding, being coached and a life time of observation and involvement.


Cycling Coaching

I work with a select number of cyclists as mentor/coach on their sport specific ‘on the bike’ training. This has mostly been a natural evolution where clients who have been working with me on a conditioning program have then wanted to turn their attention back to their cycling. In these cases, integrating cycling fitness with off the bike conditioning can be the final step in moving from rehab back to performance.

My coaching style is person centred and relatively ‘low-tech’. I will use training tools as appropriate and relevant to the client, but prefer to focus on helping riders understand for themselves how to plan, periodise and execute their training and racing with confidence. I draw on my experience and knowledge of decades of training methods and approaches to guide my cyclists, but am also in a good position to recommend other coaches and professionals if I feel their methods would be a better fit for the client.

If you are not sure which direction your coaching should take, or where you should start, a coaching consultation with me might help you find some clear direction and explore the option.

Coaching prices

Based on an hourly rate of £70.

Bike Fitting

Your bike fit and pedalling style is to the cyclist what running gait is to the athlete; the movement foundation for comfort, efficiency, and optimal performance. 

Ride Strong - Talks and Workshops

To support the material in the book I offer talks as well as practical workshops to support the three main chapters on Essential stretching, strength, and core conditioning for cyclists.