Bike Fitting

Your bike fit and pedalling style is to the cyclist what running gait is to the athlete; the movement foundation for comfort, efficiency, and optimal performance. The difference for us as cyclists is that the cycling movement is an unnatural one to the human body, needing an awareness of the potential problem areas as well as the possible solutions. Though a full bike fit might not be necessary for all, I insist on assessing my cycling clients on the bike for us to work together.

The bike fit that I offer looks at you on your current bike set up on a turbo trainer, assessing your personal physical attributes, and making adjustments to the bike where necessary to improve your position. I use my experience to review how you move, and take key static measures to re-assess. I focus on optimising the position of the main contact points on the bike – the saddle, the handlebars and the feet.

Critically, my assessments also provide me with the information I need to give you a simple exercise program to follow (6-8 key exercises), which we will work through as part of the bike fitting process, so you can go away with some exercises to improve your cycling too. Working with cyclists on their bike fit I have found that inflexibility is the most common biomechanical restriction for most riders trying to get in an ideal position. 

Many bike fitting services focus on changing the bike to resolve issues, whereas the service I offer (although making adjustments to position) emphasizes changing the body to better fit the bike. If you have had several bike fits, and have still not found a comfortable position, this may be the missing piece in the puzzle you have been looking for.

I’m not in the business of selling bikes, but I will give my independent opinion on how to best fit your current ride, and what to look for in a future machine. In some instances, if the bike you are riding is not the right size or geometry for you, I will redirect you towards a more suitable option, or refer you to another bike fitter who is able to try different geometries that might fit you better. 

Bike fitting price

A bike fit with me costs £150, and is a 2 hour booking.